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Subthermal is a market leader in the design, supply and installation of geothermal environmental control systems. By using the renewable energy reserves of the Earth itself it is possible to heat and cool your home and office or virtually any building or enclosed space in a clean and cost effective way. At Subthermal we specialise in engineering systems to heat and cool challenging projects such as commercial premises, warehouses and swimming pools.With many industry leading manufactures as partners, We provide solutions that offer many advantages.
Subthermal geothermal is a very cost effective and efficient way to both heat and cool an area and as by product of cooling can produce free hot water to further reduce costs. Because of the substantial reductions in the power requirement to run the system and the extremely low maintenance in operation, there is a compound effect gained in the overall ROI leading to massive cost savings.
Subthermal technologies provide ultimate levels of comfort in both heating and cooling modes. While the outside air temperatures significantly fluctuate, the deep ground temperature remains relatively constant. Subthermal takes advantage of this physical principal to provide cool-crisp air in the summer and warm comfortable air in the winter.
Subthermal can easily be integrated into most existing HVAC systems and incorporated into Green field system by architects and engineers, the Geothermal BMS systems will integrate allowing full control.
Geothermal is a passive, non-intrusive system that leverages natures thermo dynamics to manage the ambient conditions in any building. Because of the highly efficient and environmentally compatible nature of the Subthermal geothermal system, this is one of the most eco-friendly and easily adaptable green technologies available today. Managing the heating and cooling needs in modern buildings consumes up to 70% of the energy consumed and by utilising geothermal systems this can be substantially reduced.

Our Exclusive Services

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Feasibility study

The Building: Thermal / energy model with hourly data.
The Ground Loop:In-situtest to provide site specific data for geological conditions, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and mean earth temperature.Combines results from the Detailed Data Collection using recognised independently developed industry software. client .Provides a Projected ROI to client.


Detailed Assessments

Verifies the feasibility process and is carried out in an independent non basis manner . We have a list of consulting engineers that we work with and the that have experience in Geothermal products we can also work with designated project engineers.


Design & Construction

We offer Energy Efficient Solutions that have been designed to work and integrate into new and existing environments , and our objective is to offer turn solutions that remove the barrier to implementing new innovative technology into buildings. This is a simplified approach to a complex installation and streamlines the entire approach to implementing energy efficiency within an organisation.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.