Who We Are

Subthermal is a market leader in the design, supply and installation of geothermal environmental control systems. By using the renewable energy reserves of the Earth itself it is possible to heat and cool your home and office or virtually any building or enclosed space in a clean and cost effective way. At Subthermal we specialise in engineering systems to heat and cool challenging projects such as commercial premises, warehouses and swimming pools.With many industry leading manufactures as partners, We provide solutions that offer many advantages.

^ Existing Building: Heating, cooling and hot water requirements, and energy use.


^ Current Equipment assessment Mechanical Services: air / hydronics and centralised / distributed plant.


^ Available Land area, soil/rock type, water bodiesetc. Generic capacity based on theoretical values for expected geology.



The Initial Review establishes if the site can facilitate energy improvement without the costs associated within a full feasibly ,and In most instances can be undertaken very simply either over the phone or in a meeting. Master Plan level documentation and power bills are all that is required at this stage.


^ The Building: Thermal / energy model with hourly data.


^ The Ground Loop:In-situtest to provide site specific data for geological conditions, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and mean earth temperature.


^ Combines results from the Detailed Data Collection using recognised independently developed industry software. client .


^ Provides a Projected ROI to client.


Step 3 Verifies the feasibility process and is carried out in an independent non basis manner . We have a list of consulting engineers that we work with and the that have experience in Geothermal products we can also work with designated project engineers.

^Assessment of preliminary building heat load calculations using the W/sqm method or adoption of data from third party.


^ Equipment sizes and selections based on preliminary loads and zoning.


^ Subthermal options – ground loop and ground source heat pumps.


^ Preliminary ground loop design using anticipated ground conditions.


^ Projected capital costs on preferred Subthermal design and comparison with conventional system.


^ Projected operational costs on preferred Subthermal design and comparison with conventional system.


^ Projected CO2e and Electrical Maximum Demand (EMD) savings on preferred Subthermal design and comparison with conventional system.


^ Preliminary drawings showing anticipated location(s) of Ground Source Heat Pumps.


^ Preliminary drawings showing anticipated location of ground loop.


^ Consultation with project team members.


^ Preparation of Report.

We offer Energy Efficient Solutions that have been designed to work and integrate into new and existing environments , and our objective is to offer turn solutions that remove the barrier to implementing new innovative technology into buildings. This is a simplified approach to a complex installation and streamlines the entire approach to implementing energy efficiency within an organisation.



Our ownership of projects means we encourage live monitoring and energy tracking pre installation to establish a baseline and post installation, this allows verification through a third party such as mechanical or sustainability engineering consultant as to the project success and if further modifications or improvements are required.